ARBUZZ Application Privacy Policy

Effective from: 01.11.2017

  1. Definitions:
    1. Application – ARBUZZ mobile Application, provided by 25wat on mobile application distribution platforms, to receive real-time digital content associated with graphical objects or real 3D objects (e.g., illustrated magazine pages, food packaging)
    2. ARBUZZ – AR+ spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Wroclaw, ul. BENEDYKTA POLAKA 21, lok. 4, postal code 50-379, WROCŁAW, country POLAND, NIP [tax identification number]: 8982237965
    3. Device – a mobile device on which the application is to be installed;
    4. Partner – public and private broadcasters of digital content available through the Application;
    5. User – a person who downloaded and started the Application
  2. In this Privacy Policy, ARBUZZ informs the User about the applicable privacy policy within the Application, as well as the rules for storing and accessing information on the Application User’s Device in connection with the Application use.
  3. The application owner is ARBUZZ Company with a product/communication channel using the Augmented Reality Technology with the same name as the company name.
  4. The application provides the User with access to additional digital content published by the Partners within the cooperation with ARBUZZ, hosted by ARBUZZ and available on the User Devices after downloading the Application together with additional digital content, and scanning real graphical objects participating in the Partners or ARBUZZ actions, which trigger automatically an additional digital content visible on the Device screen.
  5. The application is free of charge. Use of the Application does not entail registration. Access to the information listed below may occur after redirecting to the Partner websites or the suggested websites. No User Data shall be recorded except the data listed below:
    1. IP address
    2. Application ID
    3. Device ID
    4. Date and time of viewing the content published by the Partners and available in the Application
    5. Type and amount of the content viewed within the Application
    6. Type of the used web browser and operating system.
  6. The User shall have the right to verify what data about him/her is stored, where it originates from and for what purposes it is stored.
  7. The User shall have the right to withdraw his/her consent to store any personal information.
  8. The User may contact the address below for any questions about the security of personal data: [email protected]
  9. Removing or uninstalling the Application according to the procedure of the operating system supported by the User’s Device shall remove the stored data.
  10. ARBUZZ advises the User that he/she should carefully and consciously decide on allowing his/her Device to be used by other persons, as any other person using the Device, on which the Application is activated, shall be able to access additional content published by the Partner. This applies mainly to the possible content unadvisable for underage users.
  11. The application does not use cookies. However, it is possible that objects and content published by the Partners shall include them.
  12. The following data available on the Internet and the User data shall be triggered and archived for the proper operation of the Application:
    1. SDK Wikitude: the Application ID transfer to Wikitude to confirm the security key (server location: Warsaw)
    2. Parse SDK: triggering the content stored on external secure OVH servers (server location: Warsaw)
    3. AR+ content updating (server location: Warsaw)
  13. Use of the Device by the Application
    1. Use of the Device Camera – before downloading the Application the User is asked to activate the camera of the Device, which is needed for the proper functioning of the Application; the use of camera involves identifying the graphic objects to which the specific digital content presented to the User in real time are assigned. System data from the camera shall be stored under the highest security standards and only for the purpose of using the Application. Data shall be deleted by ARBUZZ automatically after the User’s session ends.
    2. Use of the information about the place of the content triggering by the User – ARBUZZ offers a service to deliver the content desired by the User  according to his/her current location; That content is provided by an anonymous location of the given IP address. The Users who use that service, may at any time withdraw therefrom by changing the appropriate option in the Application.
    3. Statistical data and profiles of the User as a community collectively using the Internet tool shall be collected in order to improve the ARBUZZ services. Collected data on specific (single) Users shall not be analyzed individually.
  14. The Application uses the following analytical tools through its settings:
    1. Google Analytics – to develop the Application usage statistics (“Analytical Tools”);
  15. ARBUZZ advises that, due to use of the Analytical Tool by the Application, the following entities shall have access to anonymized information about the Application use stored in the terminal Device of the User
    1. Google Inc. (“Google”) – the Google Analytics’ analytical tool that may store files in the Device memory, including cookies, in order to make the analysis of the Application use. The activities performed by Google Analytics Analytical Tool described in this section are subject to the rules on collection and processing of data published by Google in accordance with the “Google Privacy Policy” available at
  16. Hyperlinks (“links”) to external websites
    1. some of the content published by the Application shall be the links linking the Users to the websites promoted by the Partners. Although, ARBUZZ performs a continuous monitoring of the content provided within the Application, it neither guarantee its full control, nor is responsible for the content posted thereon, nor further use of personal data automatically collected by cookies or directly from the User visiting those websites.
  17. This Privacy Policy and all personal data provided by the User, while downloading and using the Application, shall be stored, used and archived in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Poland, as well as, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. In the case of any amendments to the relevant national laws and/or EU directives, the necessary amendments to this Privacy Policy shall be made.